About the Crypto Lottery

The Crypto Lottery project was designed to allow players of all ages from all over the world, a chance to play a simple lottery, while also helping others in the form of charities and (maybe eventually) local communities.

How to Play

To enter, it couldn't be easier. Simply pick the draw you wish to enter, send the entry fee to the current address, and that's it! Remember to ONLY send the correct entry fee or your entry will not count. For multiple entries, you need to send the fee multiple times.

When the target [amount/date] is reached, the draw is closed and the winners will be selected (at random using certain methods which will be advised at the time). The relevant prize will be sent to the address that the entry fee came from (as long as the amount was correct).


As the game gains popularity, the prize funds will also grow. The funds are all visable on the relevant blockchain so can be tracked if necessary. How the funds are distributed may vary, but current prizes are:

1 x Jackpot
2 x Secondary Prize

More prizes may be added as funds increase.

Crypto Values

No registration required, so the lotto is anonymous. Of course all transactions can be traced, but we do not need to know who is playing and can distribute prizes without as much as a name. All we need to know is the wallet (of course your wallet needs to be able to send and receive to the same address).